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This Sound Healing program includes Attunement, Training, Practice and Certification.
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CHAKRA Cleansing with CRYSTALS and SOUND

Chakra CleansingAVAILABLE DATES:

Sunday, May 27th, 10am BOOK NOW! ~ LIMITED SPACE!!


In this class you will learn how to cleanse and balance each of your chakras through Guided Meditation, Healing Crystals and Sound Healing. Limited space.

In this class you will:

  • Learn about the functions of each Chakra
  • Guided Meditation for cleansing each of your Chakras
  • Receive your Healing Crystals for each Chakra
  • Cleanse, charge and program your Healing Crystals
  • Meet your Healing Crystals and start a healing connection
  • Shop Crystals to start your own collection
  • Choose a goal you want to bring forth in your life
  • Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation with Crystal
  • Release obstacles and old patterns to manifest a self-actualized reality!!

* $25 it does not include Crystals.  Bring your own Crystal set!
* $35 includes a set with all 7 Healing Crystals (one for each Chakra) in a beautiful pouch!
* $45 includes a set with all 7 Heart shaped Healing Crystals (one for each Chakra) in beautiful velvet pouch.

LIMITED SPACE.  Register online to reserve yours!


Crystal Healer Certification

If you have any questions contact me at

Looking forward to meeting with you!

Victoria Vives Khuong  

So glad I made it to the meet up. Victoria explained what are our chakras and their purpose. She answered any questions, thought us how to meditate with crystals, cleanse our root chackra and how to use our guides. Also gave us good tools to meditate every night. I will definitely make it to all of her “Cleanse your Chakras with Crystal Healing” meet ups. A different chakra every month….Thank you Victoria for doing this.”Susana
Very soothing, very relaxing. Educational & inspirational, Victoria sets herself apart from the rest. Calm & serene – if you’ve ever wondered about Crystal work. you owe it to yourself to experience Miss Victoria.Eric