1 Yr Energy Healer Apprenticeship Program


Start in JANUARY 2016!!

Energy Healing

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In this Comprehensive One Year Apprenticeship Program, you will:

  • Learn the three most powerful and time-tested systems of REIKI
  • Connect with the roots of spiritual healing as practiced worldwide by our Ancestors in Shamanism, the oldest spiritual practice known to humankind
  • Integrate over nine healing modalities to make your healing practice exponentially more effective
  • Perform deep self-healing work by utilizing the powerful 12 Masters method to clear all layers and major energetic centers in your system
  • Become a clear and open channel with a wealth of hands-on experience and knowledge to better help others heal
  • Build a strong partnership with healing tools including Healing Crystals, Essential Oils and Sound Healing Instruments
  • Enter a profound mentorship with Victoria, and with your personal loving team of Spirit Guides to bring forth your most powerful healing work
  • Start a career that will transform your life for the better and contribute to the world at large
  • Become part of worldwide renowned healing lineages
  • Build credibility by receiving nine unique healer certifications
  • Maximize your Psychic ability to incorporate valuable intuitive healing skills into your practice
  • Join a loving and supportive community of kindred spirits and Healers
  • Know how to successfully start your own Healing Practice
  • Incorporate specialized physical training methods to maximize your potential to become a powerful Healer
  • Develop strong integrity, self-confidence, and healthy boundaries to better help others

Oneness Healer Curriculum:

This curriculum may vary in order to better provide you with the optimal tools available at the moment.

  1. REIKI Level I Certification with Holy Fire
  2. REIKI Level II Certification with Holy Fire
  3. Shoden REIKI Ryoho Level I Certification
  4. Okuden REIKI Ryoho Level II Certification
  5. Shamanic Workshop Part 1
  6. Shamanic Workshop Part 2
  7. Crystal Healer and Vibrational Healer Certification
  8. REIKI Master ART III Certification (Advanced Reiki Training) with Holy Fire
  9. EFT Level I Certification
  10. Karuna REIKI Level I Certification
  11. Psychic Reader Certification (Extrasensory Development Level I which includes Akashic Records)
  12. Sound Healing workshop
  13. REIKI & CRYSTAL Healing Practice
  14. Shamanic Drumming Circle
  15. Chakras Cleansing with Healing Crystals and Sound Healing workshop
  16. 12 Masters Self Purification Method – In depth healing EXCLUSIVE for the Apprenticeship group

This program may also include Intuitive Healing, Healing Practicals, creating Sacred Space, receiving Deeksha (Oneness Blessing), Divine Goddess ~ Sacred Healing Dance, Martial Arts ~ Tai Chi ~ Meditation, Ho’oponopono, Kabbalah, Ethics and Business, Manifestation, Aromatherapy, Chromotherapy, Subconscious Beliefs, Shadow Self healing, Dream interpretation, Healing Retreat & Potluck, and more.

In Summary, you will receive:Energy Healing

* 9 Certification classes
* Intensive 2 -Day Shamanic Workshop
* Unlimited Access to non-certification 2hr classes
* Monthly Apprenticeship Classes
* Optional weekly private followup emails for self-discovery and self-healing
* Co-teaching opportunities upon Graduation

Upon completion of this course you will also receive a “1 Year Oneness Healer Apprenticeship” Certificate.

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