2 Hr Sound Healing Workshop

Sound Healing2017 AVAILABLE DATES:

Saturday, January 14th, 2017, at 6:30pm ~  BOOK NOW

[ Also, receive SOUND HEALING Certification:  Learn More ]

Something as accessible as your own voice has the potential to heal!

There are simple yet powerful ways to use your voice that can transform your life.

In this get-together you will learn and practice:

– Specific sounds that balance each of your chakras
– Chanting and toning for Energy Healing
– Chanting in Shamanism
– Music in Kabbalah
– The physics behind Sound Healing
– Ancient Mantras and Mudras for Inner Peace
– Give and receive Sound Healing

Join us for this unique opportunity and experience the transformational power of a Sound Healing circle!    If you have a Tibetan bowl, drum, or any other instrument feel free to bring it as well, or you can borrow one here.

Tuition $25.  Pay online to reserve your space:


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This event is in West Covina, near the Westfield mall.  If you have any questions contact me.



“I am absolutely grateful and happy that I went to this meetup. Though I had heard of “sound healing” I didn’t know exactly what it was. We opened & closed with a meditation, did a lot of specific sound chants while learning the meanings and corresponding chakras, and gave positive intentions and healings to ourselves and others in the group. I really really loved it and it was SO healing!!! I will continue to practice. I never realized sound healing could be so relaxing and healing.” – Stephanie

“This was an eye opening experience to say the least. The sound healing class was energizing yet balancing. Victoria has a special gift to teach using all the senses and blending knowledge with skills and practical application. A really great class!” – Alicia

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